Heroine Phone Hacked ?


Every now and then we are being informed that the celebrity’s phone and social media bloggers have been hacked. The Suchi leaks have shaken the Tollywood and Kollywood industry where many bigwig affairs were leaked.

They Leaked Hansika Private Pics
They Leaked Hansika Private Pics

Recently actress Hansika private pictures are leaked by miscellaneous groups and the actress brought notice to public that her phone and twitter has been hacked and her team taken quick action it.

Considering all these we feel that senior actress Instagram has been hacked as her story timeline is filled with her old time memories. From shooting sets to her gym workout more than a dozen photos have been shared. Other reasons which are giving strength to these rumours is that the actress never shared such random pictures without any proper reason. However, she is lucky as there aren’t any pics that put her in trouble. The actress has worked with almost all the heroes in Tollywood.



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