Is Jagan Really behind Parakala’s resignation?

AP Media Adviser Parakala Prabhakar has offered his resignation to Chandra Babu Naidu. Parakala has been working with CM ever since he came to power. As per the sources, the reason for his quitting is said to Jagan and his provoking comments on him.

However, there are speculations that resigning from his position on the mere allegation of a political leader will not fetch anything but publicity. Nevertheless, the CM office hasn’t responded on his resignation. It is evident that Parakala will go forward with his resignation.

Everyone is chewing one’s ears behind the vital decision of him leaving the office. There are rumours that he might join Janasena party and participate in forthcoming elections. In past, he joined Prajarajyam party and quit alleging it is as corrupted party. Will Pawan Kalyan accept Parakala into his cadre is a big question? In many public gatherings, Janasena chief has revealed Parakala true face and his suspicious actions. So What is Parakala plan of action in resigning from a respectful position.


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