Is this actress following Samantha in divorce?

She is a part-time heroine who has a considerable following, although not as popular as mainstream heroines. She seems to be taking cues from Samantha regarding marriage. Rumors are circulating about the married heroine, suggesting that she may have separated from her husband. She indirectly confirmed these rumors, causing a frenzy on social media, much like Samantha did in the past.

During the time when rumors were circulating about Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s break-up, Samantha, who was previously inactive on social media, suddenly increased her presence. She participated in consecutive photoshoots and posted glamorous photos. Eventually, she removed “Akkineni” from her profile name and announced her break-up with Naga Chaitanya.

Now, the part-time heroine is also following a similar pattern. After being inactive on Instagram for almost three months, she has started doing photoshoots again. She intends to continue acting and producing content for OTT platforms. Many believe that she became active again after nearly separating from her husband.

It seems likely that she will officially announce her divorce soon and begin a new life. Along with acting, she also wants to continue producing content for OTT platforms.