Jai Simha Live Updates

Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishana, Nayanthara, Natasha Doshi, Hari Priya
Director: KS Ravi Kumar
Music: Chirantan Bhatt
Producer: C. Kalyan
Banner: CK Entertainments
Jai Simha Live Updates:
Overall, ‘Jai Simha’ has a good plot with interesting screenplay and unpredictable twists. Entertaining scenes, appealing romance, heart warming family drama. Riotous mass action and punch dialogues, Sankranti feast to NBK fans. Full Review follows…

  • Gauri is kidnapped by villain. Balakrishna fights and saves her. Sentimental climax.
  • Extraordinary and emotional performance by Balakrishna.
  • Manga gets pregnant and while on her way to hospital, Ashutosh attacks NBK. Manga delivers twins and dies.
  • Ashutosh fumes on this and attacks Balakrishna’s friend s during Manga’s wedding and kills them including groom. Balakrishna is forced to marry Manga.
  • Gauri doesn’t like Balakrishna indulging in rowdyism. Villain’s son commits suicide as he fails to file nomination.
  • Balakrishna is bike mechanic, Mangav(Harripriya) is his assistant. But NBK and Nayan chemistry is superb.
  • Villain ashutosh’s brat son stages fake dharna n blocks traffic. Pregnant lady dies in ambulance. Balakrishna teaches him lesson, stops him from filing mp nomination. Superb scene.
  • Gauri is an arrogant police officer’s wife. She has twin sons, one of them is with Balakrishna. Cut to flashback in Vizag.
  • Nayantara and Balakrishna come face to face and it’s intermission.
  • The infant gets kidnapped by villains. High octane action episode in Kumbakonam.
  • Balakrishna and Nayantara like each other since childhood.
  • NBK goes to pre-school to get an admission for a kid. The pre-school is run by Nayan and her father Prakash Raj.
  • Main antagonist Ashutosh Rana’s introduction in Vizag jail.
  • Balakrishna steps into the situation. Lengthy dialogues about Brahmin community which will definitely appeal to them.
  • Actor LB Sriram is seen as temple priest. He is manhandled by an arrogant police officer. Priests stage a dharna and police lathicharge.
  • Natasha gets impressed and ‘Ammakutti’ song follows. Balakrishna’s comes up with energetic dance moves.
  • Balakrishna enters the scene and takes the blame of the incident. He gets beaten up by Prabhakar men.
  • Natasha hits the car of Prabhakar’s brother. Prabhakar attacks the Murali Mohan’s residence along with his men.
  • Prabhakar plays a local goon and along with his brother does all the illegal activities. They also have the police backing.
  • Debutante Natasha Doshi, plays daughter of Murali Mohan. She is a drug addict.
  • Comedy scenes involving Brahmanandam.
  • NBK lands Kumbakonam along with infant. He joins as drive at politician Murali Mohan’s residence.
  • Film opens in a railway station. NBK entrance is simple yet powerful style carrying infant. Sentimental song ‘Anaganaga’ song follows.


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