Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie Review


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Cast: Kiran, Harshad Kulkarni, Gayatri Gupta

Director : Karthik Medikonda

Producer : Sujan

Music : GV

Aryan (Kiran) is a media personnel and is in a live-in with his girlfriend (Harshada Kulkarni). But things turn ugly between them over a period of time. Upset by this, Kiran leaves the house but knowingly or unknowingly he gets involved in a brutal murder of a prostitute (Gayatri Gupta). Why and how Kiran falls into troubles and will get relieved from them and united with his girlfriend forms the plot.


The entire first half of the film is wasted with unconvincing romantic scenes between the lead pair. The basic plot is decent enough but the execution goes for a toss. The screenplay is confusing and this indeed irritates the audience and tests their patience. The director takes ample of time to reveal the real deal of the film only in the second half. After ‘Arjun Reddy’ this film has lot of cuss words. May be the makers of the film have thought it might work.


The film was reportedly made with a budget of Rs 40 Lakhs and production values are quite rich. The cinematography needs special mention here. Though the film has inadequate screenplay, the background music is reasonably good enough. We can say the music somewhat tried to save the movie. Director Karthik Medikonda did a decent job but his inexperience is evident in his storytelling skills.


Lead pair Kiran and Harshada Kulkarni are okay in their roles. Harshada provided the glamour but it is Gayatri Gupta who steals the show. She essayed the role of a prostitute in the movie and dialogues of her are quite hard hitting. Controversial film critic Mahesh Kathi too features in the movie and he can be ignored this time.

Bottom Line: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – No Kiss, Just Bang!


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