Leaked: Ramanananda Maharshi enjoying on beach

There are many instances of self claimed spiritual Gurus indulging in illegal activities and affairs in disguise of maintaining ashrams preaching morals. Asaram Bapu, Dera Baba, Nithyananda etc come under this category. The list continues to get long with latest addition Sadhguru Ramanananda Maharshi of Shirdi Sai Baba Mahapeetham.

A popular TV channel leaked photos of this baba enjoying in Miami beach in USA. He can be seen wearing shorts taking sunbath on the beach. However, his followers claim that the allegations are false and that the baba is meditating on the beach. The pics are going viral on internet.

It is pity that people worship such babas keeping their photos in their pooja room. Atleast by now they should wake up and stop believing such fake gurus.

The same Ramanananda Maharshi once raked controversy with his inflammatory comments on Ramayana.

“How come Hanuman speaks being a monkey. Will Monkeys learn Vedas? If given they will tear the transcripts. How will a stone transform into Ahalya with the touch of Rama’s feet? Ramayana is a fake story created by Valmiki. Other versions of Ramayana are also only 30 percent true remaining being fictional writings.”


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