Mahanati triggers caste and family wars

Mahanati is continuing its dream run at box office in second week. The masterpiece biopic is inching towards $2.5 million in USA and listed as 8th top grossing Telugu film there. Amid all the glory, Mahanati also has tangled with controversies.
Gemini Ganesan daughter has alleged that his father has been portrayed in poor light. She said it wasn’t her father who habituated alcohol to Savitri. She said that the iconic actress had multiple relationships but not her father like shown in the movie.
Further she said that Savitri once provoked her dogs on Gemini Ganesan. Savitri’s daughter Vijay Chamundeswari refuted to these allegations.

On the other hand, Mahanati has also sparked off a row between Kamma and Kapu castes. Savitri belonged to Kapu community.
A Kapu leader raised objections over highlighting her ‘Pedananna’ KV Chowdary’s character in making her a film actress. He said that it makes audience believe if Savitri comes from Kamma community.
Savitri’s generosity is incomparable that she donated at large while NTR and ANR who earned millions never donated a penny, said he. Netizens are divided by castes over these remarks and trolling one another.


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