Masala Just started in Big Boss?

Big Boss first two weeks have been entertaining and the beginning of the third week is not so exciting. However, it seems like the masala of big boss is going to start soon as groups and pairs are forming in the house. The Sugar Cane factory task has made viewers know who is who in the house.

Tejaswi cleverly convinced everyone in the house and won in the task, at the same time she managed her relationship with Samarat as well. On the other hand, Deepthi Sunaina also is in plans of cooking something with Tanish.

In the last night episode, Sunaina has been wooing Tanish desperately by playing hide and seek while other members of the house were asleep. She stared at him when he was swimming. Chemistry between them is impressing viewers. Deepti is caught redhanded as she tries to enter Tanish’s blanket in the night.

Lets have to wait for liplocks and hot romance like Bollywood and Hollywood versions of Bigg Boss. Is this what the Masala Nani was hinting at in the promos of the reality show?


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