Mohan Babu accepts the Challenge

Mohan Babu accepts the challenge
Mohan Babu accepts the challenge

The Green challenge is now the most happening thing. From politicians to film stars everyone are indulging in planting saplings and challenging others, to continue the chain of it. Rajamouli, KTR, and many other prominent stars have posted their sapling picture and challenged others.
IT Minister KTR has invited Katherine Hadda, the US Council General of Hyderabad, accepting his invitation, she posted the pictures and further invited DR.Mohan Babu and Sania Mirza and others for the green challenge. Veteran Actor Mohan Babu who will be in first place to promote and encourage such challenges has come forward and accepted the challenge. It is good that every industry is coming forward for the betterment of society with small gestures. Let’s see who else will come forward for such challenges.


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