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Cast: Nandamuri Kalyanram, Tamannaah Bhatia

Director: Jayendra Panchapakesan

Music : Sharreth

Cinematography: P. C. Sreeram

Producers: Kiran Muppavarapu, Vijayakumar Vattikuti

Naa Nuvve Story:

Meera(Tamannaah) feels unlucky as she struggles to pass her graduation and so nagged by her criminal lawyer father (Bharani). She’s haunted by a book titled ‘Love Signs’, in which she finds a photo of Varun (Kalyanram). Meera’s fate turns all of sudden. She passes her exams and everything favorable happens to her.

She believes that Varun is her lucky charm and that it is her destiny to make him her soul mate. Somehow she finds Varun who is pursuing his US aspirations. She becomes a Radio Jockey that also because of him. She proposes him instantly.

Varun who doesn’t believe in destiny keeps a test. As she succeeds in it, he accepts her love. When all goes well, her father finds them both in their intimate moment and out of rage books him in a case with his influence. She tries to convince her father but Varun distances himself from Meera. She does an exclusive live show on FM to reach him.

Will destiny make them meet again? Who is the actual villain in their love?

Naa Nuvve Review:

Naa Nuvve is an attempt to make a feel good breezy romantic entertainer. Going by the teasers it is also expected to be one. But the film appears as if we are watching a playlist of TV commercials that anybody could easily make out that it is made by an ad filmmaker.

Story is narrated from the viewpoint of Meera’s character. The complex screenplay is lethargic and lacks motivation. With halfbaked scenes that are abruptly beaded that it we wonder what’s going on. By the interval the film loses its track and goes directionless.

There is no proper co-relation or justification in scenes thereby no emotion has been carried well. Artificial and forced twists and predictable suspense element further makes it a mess. It’s a weary experience of a looping dream that we struggle to come out of.


Jayendra’s ad films flavor is strikingly visible in every aspect of the film. Visually the film may be appealing. Of course, camera is handled by ace DOP PC Sreeram. Music by Sharreth is decent.

But with the outdated plot and lackluster narration on hand nothing works out. Songs are made look like mobile ads with unnecessary digital hype and VFX. Dialogues too are insipid that seldom have any feel.


Kalyanram is handsome and classy in appearance. However, the lover boy character is not etched to the level that its worthy for a mass hero of his image to experiment.

Tamannaah is hot as always and her role is carries some weightage. She did justice with her bubbly performance. Chemistry between Tamanna and Kalyanram is also cool but unfortunately the love track is not fulfilling.

Bottom-line: Naa Nuvve – a playlist of ads

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