Nani Subtle reply to Big Boss Sanjana Comment

Nani Sri Reddy

Young Tiger has created a benchmark in Big Boss season 1 and everyone has enjoyed him as a host. There were many speculations about whether Nani can reach to that or not. However, the show is just one week old and the first eliminator Sanjana has given her opinion on host Nani.

When asked about his hosting Sanjana Said,” As iPhone users may not use android phones, likewise, I liked NTR than Nani as Big Boss Host.” Nani has taken these comments as a compliment and replied,” same pinch, I also like iPhone only.”

From the beginning, Nani has underestimated himself whether he would reach to the charm of NTR in the show. However, he is proffering entertainment to the audience with his natural performance and audience are also bracing him slowly as a host.



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