Nara Lokesh Responds to Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan initiated protest against yellow journalism along with RGV for provoking Sri Reddy to abuse him and his mother. Jana Sena Chief has given 24 hour ultimatum to MAA to take action. Pawan alleged that Nara Lokesh has funded negative campaign against him through some news channels. CM’s son and TDP minister responded to Pawan’s accusation.
“Pawan garu, I am deeply hurt with your allegations. Earlier also you have made allegations against me but later taken back your words saying you heard them from someone else. It is not right on your part to make baseless allegations. A person’s good will and character is built over years, so I don’t make random allegations as I am wise enough. Truth will be out over a period of time. I still have special respect for you. Matrudevobhava,” tweeted Lokesh. Check out his actual tweets in Telugu..


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