Nela Ticket Collections are disappointing!

Ravi Teja is really facing a bad phase in his career. He ruled box office with commercial movies but now the same movies are putting him down in the hero’s priority list.
After ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’, ‘Nela Ticket’ remained another dud in his movies list. The movie openings are also quite disaster at the box office.
The movie collects Rs 3.29cr share with a gross of over Rs 5.5cr in Telugu states. In WW, The film made approximately Rs 6.1cr gross and about a share of Rs 3.6cr on its first day.
Here are the detail collections of ‘Nela Ticket’:
Nizam – 1,10,00,000
Ceded – 40,00,000
Nellore – 16,65,187
Guntur – 40,00,000
Krishna – 23,42,972
West – 21,45,432
East – 38,18,550
Uttharandhra – 39,15,000
Total 1st day AP & TS share 3.29Cr


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