Not Born to Woman Says Khushbu

Wondering why actress and politician Khushbu said such a statement? Here is why The actress has tweeted on occasion of Priyanka Gandhi being appointed as General Secretaries for All India Congress Committee.

” Ok.. I can feel the tremble in BJP.. #PriyankaGandhi is finally here.. So now bhakts, start the mujic🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂” wrote Khushbu on her twitter.

commenting on her tweet a BJP fan has written a vulgar statement demeaning the actress. “Okay bitch, dance naked for that music….( in case you missed it)” wrote the troller.

Replying to his comments Khusbhu rebuttal was impressive.”Surely not born to a woman n a human.. only species of bhakts speak this language..see they don’t show their dirty faces..” wrote actress.



The actress will not leave any chance to those who is make baseless vulgar comments on women. This is not the first time that she responded to such comments.




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