NTR Fans Warn Balakrishna & RGV

Ram Gopal Varma has announced that he is going to make biopic of legendary actor and former CM NTR. He raked controversy by titling it as ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ saying that he will explore sensational episodes of his final stages of life. RGV further fueled the fire by introducing the producer of the project to be P Rakesh Reddy, a YSRCP leader. On the other hand, Balakrishna has been contemplating to start NTR biopic. Buzz has it that director Teja has been finalized for this prestigious project.

NTR hardcore fans have warned both the biopic makers, apparently. One Mr Tipparaju Ramesh Babu who claims to have seen NTR from close in his last period have shared few photos of himself with the legend and made controversial statement. He challenged biopic makers to show facts. He asked if they can dare to show how his children didn’t take care of their aging father who’s Telugu people’s idol. Ramesh said that NTR was not even fed besides he being a food lover and hence was forced to marry Lakshmi Parvathi.