Pawan Kalyan compared to Karunanidhi!

Vacuum left by Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu politics can never be filled. The veteran politician had left his mark on national politics as well. Karunanidhi is a rationalist who questioned traditional marriage system and Mangal Sutra concept. He had got married thrice.
This aspect of Karunanidhi’s life has been picked up by Jana Sena followers and Pawan fans. As known, Pawan Kalyan is being criticized for having got married thrice by both ruling TDP and opposition YSRCP leaders.  Rival parties claim that Polygamy is illegal and hence Pawan is not eligible to be a politician and to contest in elections. Recently, YS Jagan himself mocked Pawan calling him ‘Nithya Pellikoduku’ (Bridegroom Forever). Pawan fans are now citing example of Karunanidhi as he also had three wives but much revered as a great statesman.


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