Pawan Kalyan Heroine says its her best Compliment

Pawan Kalyan Heroine is sinking in the huge success of Goodachari. Supriya Yarlagadda shared her experience off and on the camera while working for the movie after decades.
When asked about her Best Compliment she received?
The best compliment I received was from a producer from Rajahmundry. He said Akkineni’s grand-daughter performed really well. I felt happy 
How is working with Goodachari Team?
It was amazing to work with the team of Goodachari. I really liked the father-son emotion which is strong and also the climax episode 
How it is working for movie after a long gap?
I did not feel the gap because I was always working behind the camera. I only know cinema which is a creative work. I’ve very little memory of my debut movie and to come before camera after very long time, was tough. 
would you like play negative roles?
Why not? Firstly characters should be written for people like us. Unless and until we break the stereotypes how would we go forward? Telugu Cinema is slowly breaking that barrier and we need to get actors who could do different roles. I would love to play challenging roles and prove my worth.


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