Pawan Kalyan hid his secret affair, says Renu

Ever since Renu Desai announced that her second marriage is on cards, she became target of Pawan Kalyan fans. Fanatics have been trolling her with hate messages that Renu had to withdraw her social networking accounts.
Nevertheless Pawan had congratulated her but still there is no stopping for fans. Renu Desai has given an interview to popular anchor Swapna to put an end to the controversy. She revealed some shocking details of who initiated divorce between them and what exactly pushed them into break-up.
Renu clarifies that it was Pawan who insisted on divorce. “I resisted to the max. It was disheartening. It took a long time for me to cope up,” said she.
The actress turned filmmaker said, ” Pawan may have dumped me but he has been a responsible father. He loves children but finds no time to spend with them. Being an independent woman, I could raise my kids.”
Slamming the trollers, Renu asked how would any woman feel if her husband had an secret affair with another woman and gives birth to a baby after 11 years of marriage.


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