Pawan Kalyan lured by TDP with MP Seat?


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan made startling revelations on his pact with TDP in 2014 elections. Pawan held meeting with party workers on Sunday at Amaravati. He revealed that he met Chandrababu Naidu in 2012 with idea of launching his own party. “We wanted to contest for 60 seats in 2014 elections on Jana Sena Party. Naidu adviced me not to contest as votes will be split. He asked me to join TDP alliance instead and offered me Rajyasabha MP. However, he didn’t fulfill his promise after coming to power,” said Pawan.
The actor turned politician strongly condemned TDP government grabbing lands from farmers in Undavalli village for building capital city. He warned the government of dire consequences if they grab land by force. He asked farmers to protest against government. “I am ready to lead the protest and also to take the first bullet if government tries to suppress the agitation, “ said he.


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