Pawan Slams Jagan, Advices Lokesh

On Monday, Pawan rallied in Nidadhavolu in West Godavari as part of his ‘Porata Yatra’. Pawan Kalyan slammed YS Jagan for his personal attacks on his three wives. “I didn’t marry thrice for pleasure. It’s my fate that is not in my hands. I am not irresponsible and not a ‘Baladur’ like Jagan,” said Pawan.
Pawan Slams Jagan, Advices Lokesh
On the other hand, the Jana Sena Chief advised Lokesh to get inspired by world leaders like Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Allu Seetaramaraju and John F Kennedy rather than following the footsteps of his father Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He suggested that Lokesh should learn the preachings of these legendary personalities instead of walking the path of his dad in looting the state.


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