Pawan’s response to Jagan comments on his wives

Jagan's controversial comments on Pawan's Wives
YS Jagan  made controversial comments on Pawan Kalyan’s wives yesterday. Twitteratti reacted strongly to his distasteful remarks. Jagan should have refrained from personally attacking Pawan, opine political analysts. Instead he could have criticized him on his political policies or Praja Rajyam party for that matter.
The YSRCP leader and CM aspirant making comments on Pawan’s multiple marriages has received severe flak from fans and followers. Earlier, several rival party leaders have criticized Pawan for having divorced his wives and that he is unfit to contest in elections. TDP and Congress leaders to raised it several times.
Jana Sena folks retort back saying that opposition doesn’t have any other issue to point out at him so attack him personally. In fact, Pawan had gave his answer to all these criticism long back. In his inaugural speech of Jana Sena Party, Pawan questioned,”If I marry thrice people are making fuss out of it, but is it okay if anyone marries once but have affairs with 30 odd women?”


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