Poonam Kaur’s Panja On Tsunami!

Poonam Kaur is the latest firebrand who set her eyes on politics. Well, that’s what her latest interview suggests. Poonam has been in news of late for her alleged link up with Pawan Kalyan. Kathi Mahesh was the one who brought forth Poonam’s name. The actress turned sides lashing out at Jana Sena chief.

Favours made by TDP are believed to be the reasons for Poonam’s fight with PK. In her latest interview given in Hindi at a gurudwar, the Vinayakudu actress says she is not afraid of anyone. “Max they can kill me. I’m don’t care for life. I stand for truth. People should not play with innocent women. I am already into battlefield, ready to face any challenge,” said she.

What’s more interesting is the the Telugu subtitles given by the channel. It read Poonam dares to face Tsunami, as known there is a song in Jalsa calling Pawan a human tsunami. Further the promo of the interview ends with voiceover saying “questioning” has started (Prasninchadam Modalaindi).

Even a child knows that “questioning” is  the motto of establishing Jana Sena party. Guess what? the program’s name is Punjabi Panja! Need we say anymore that whom the actress and the channel is targeting.


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