Poonam’s shocking allegations on top director

Poonam Kaur is again in news with her latest tweets targeting few bigwigs of Tollywood.

Her earlier tweets were assumed to be aimed at Pawan Kalyan. Today, she hits the bull’s eye as her tweets are on Pawan’s friend and director Trivikram Srinivas.

“The director yet extends his support to thru all his 4 families support to this so-called NRI heroine ( he has tendency to fall for this particular slang for years ) so I did not have a hit …so did she ??#justasking …good at quite a few jobs u give #justheard #hypocrisy,” tweeted Poonam.

She adds,“Jalsalu choopistu agnyathavaasam lo esestadu …Jaggeratha #namakadrohi.”

It is quite clear that Poonam alleges that Trivikram had cheated her and has got a craving for girls who speak foreign slang since Jalsa to recently released Agnyaathavasi. Apparently she’s talking about Parvati Melton and Anu Emmanuel.

It is to be recalled that Poonam Kaur was chosen for Jalsa initially but was replaced later.


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