Prakash Raj Denies Making Those Comments On Hindus

Prakash Raj has been voicing against BJP led center and PM Narendra Modi a lot these days. He criticized government for journalist Gauri Lankesh murder. Prakash Raj also targeted UP CM Yogi Adityanath. He has expressed concern over ban of Padmavath in BJP governed states. Latest he slammed Karni Sena for attacking a school bus in their protest against Padmavath release.
At India Today’s South conclave, Prakash Raj made severe comments on Modi saying he’s not a true Hindu. The national award winning actor said that Hindus are tolerant and torchbearers of peace but not those who resort to violence.
In this context, some right wing sympathizers have been circulating a meme claiming that Prakash Raj has said that Hindus should embrace death instead of defending themselves to terrorists like those Hindus who were slaughtered in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The actor rubbished the meme as fake and urged fans not to believe in it and support him.


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