Through Project-Based Learning, children actively investigate their interests, discover new ideas and develop their own theories. Project-Based Learning aims to engage students in a problem-solving experience defined by an essential question, which drives learning down a pre-defined path determined by the teacher. Project-Based Learning has a narrow subject area and a driving essential question.

In many Project-Based Learning activities, the groupings of students and their activities are defined. For example, the groupings might be a film crew, the researchers, the presentation makers, and the event organizers. Typically, specific content knowledge, concepts, skills, and problem solving abilities are explicit and intentional outcomes of the learning activity. This approach has proven much more robust than Theme-Based Project learning.

New York Academy’s pedagogy emphasizes inquiry and project-based instruction and learning. New York Academy organizes the curriculum to enrich the learning experience for our students. Through Project-Based Learning, children actively investigate their interests, discover new ideas and develop their own theories.


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