Real reason behind F2 Success discovered!

F2 Fun and Frustration is still ruling the box office even after 4 weeks. The film minted 100 crores and $ million in USA. F2 is breaking star heroes records. Venkatesh and Varun Tej’s family comedy drama struck right chord with family audience for Sankranthi.

Theaters went roaring in laughter with Anil Ravipudi’s hilarious making. Even heroines Tamannaah and Mehreen performed to the laugh riot. Everyone has been wondering what made the film such a grand success.

Here’s a crazy cartoon that decoded F2’s success mantra. It says that F2 is not a biopic on any actor or leader but its biopic on every husband who is in frustration so it got connected well and thus became a huge hit. True that!

f2 success cartoon


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