Reason behind Bigg Boss 2 leakages

Bigg Boss Telugu
Bigg Boss season 1 had been a grand success having garnered huge TRPs. Bigg Boss season 2 has been struggling to attract viewership. Nevertheless, makers have been trying all sorts of gimmicks, but there is hardly any impact on the TRP ratings.
Besides NTR’s hosting and the celeb contestants, Success of Bigg Boss 1 is attributed to the secrecy maintained. For any reality show to keep viewers glued, needs to have suspense intact. But Bigg Boss 2 has been suffering with leakage of interesting points like whose gonna get eliminated and whose gonna get wildcard entry are being revealed to media.
Nandini’s  elimination in the weekend is out on social media. Shyamala, Nuthan Naidu and Pooja Ramchandran’s wildcard entry also was known to viewers prior hand and hence there wasn’t much excitement in the episodes. Bigg Boss season 1 was held in Pune but season 2 is going on in Annapurna 7 Acres in Hyderabad. Floor technicians also belong to Hyderabad, so the happenings on the sets are being leaked very easily.


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