Renu Desai’s movie on Pawan Kalyan’s passion

Renu Desai
Renu Desai made it to headlines with her announcement of second marriage recently. She has been trolled for it by Pawan fans. As the issue side tracked now, Renu is getting ready to make another movie. As known, Renu produced a Marathi film titled ‘Ishq Wala Love’ in which Pawan’s son Akira Nandan made a cameo appearance.
Renu is set to direct a Telugu film. The actress revealed that she will both direct and produce the film. Currently she’s preparing the script. As per grapevine, it will be on farmers and their plight. It is well known that Pawan Kalyan is a farming enthusiast. He is heard off saying that farming is his passion on several occasion and often indulges in cultivation whenever he finds free time. Apparently, Renu picked up the idea from her ex-hubby. The actress is yet to divulge full details on cast and crew.


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