RX 100 director reveals shocking flashback

RX 100 continues its dream run at box office. The film made on shoe-string budget raked moolah for the producers. Its director Ajay Bhupathi has become talk of the tinsel town. Ajay reveals that the story is partly inspired by his own life experiences.
“I am a love failure. Years ago I felt like commiting suicide having been deeply depressed. My life changed after I joined as assistant director with Ram Gopal Varma,” said he.
Further he added that,” It is time filmmakers make realistic and native movies. Cuss words are part of local slang. RX 100 has targeted audience and others can stay away from it.”
Ajay says he wants to make a biopic on his guru RGV as he’s finest technician. “But I don’t like him for provoking others unnecessarily. He will have to be made watch family dramas as a punishment,” quips Ajay.


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