Sharmila opens up on alleged link up with Prabhas

YS Jagan’s sister Sharmila opened up on her alleged link up with Prabhas. Rumours of her secret affair with the Baahubali star created sensation back in 2014.

The gossips again surfaced on social media as elections season is around. Sharmila opened up on the issue for the first time. She complained about the matter with Hyderabad Police Commissioner.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion, Sharmila said,”A section of media is deliberately trying to assassinate my character for vested political interests. There have been wide spread rumour that I had relationship with film hero Prabhas. It is very disgusting. Me, my husband and our family have been bearing the brunt. It’s high time I react. This is attack on entire womanhood. I never met that person or talked to him. I swear on my kids, can any of those who are making baseless allegations do so? TDP must be involved in these cheap stunts. Earlier, they publicized that our father late YSR was a factionist. Now, they are trying to maling my image to stop Jagan from becoming CM. With Sankalpa Yatra, my brother won people’s hearts. He is going to win the election”


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