Sri Reddy abuses Pawan Kalyan with most cuss word

Sri Reddy
Actress Sri Reddy continues her war against casting couch in Telugu film industry. She has revealed names of big celebs and leaked some photos as proof. Sri Reddy has got full support from some media houses. The actress has been seeking film peoples support as well. Power star Pawan Kalyan being a politician too was asked about the issue.
The Jana Sena chief offered his support to Sri Reddy and advised that she should go to police for justice rather than revolving around TV channels. Sri Reddy rebuked on Pawan Kalyan’s advice yesterday. The actress hurled some explicit abuses at him. Speaking to a popular news channel, Sri Reddy urged Pawan fans to refrain from trolling her on social media.
“Pawan Kalyan has married three girls. He doesn’t have any right to advice me to go to police. As a politician he needs to have responsibility. I called him Pawan Kalyan Anna. He should have minimum courtesy. I was wrong. Now, I call him Pawan Kalyan M****C****,” said Sri Reddy. Yeah it’s the same abusive word popularized by Arjun Reddy.


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