Tollywood Hero Welcomes Modi’s Vote Bank Politics

The nation is making debated on PM Narendra Modi’s unexpected announcement of 10% reservation to the economically backward general category which has been receiving mixed reactions from people. Though National and State political parties are welcoming his new amendment, few have been criticizing it as Modi’s vote bank political stunt.

Tollywood hero Nikhil has given his support to Modi over it. The Kirrak Party star recollected that he talked about reservations on the popular TV show ‘No.1 Yaari’ with Rana Daggubati earlier. He said he is happy to see that Prime Minister has recognized it.

Nikhil took to social media blogger in expressing his views. What’s more interesting is that his tweet also includes #SayNoToCasteism hashtag.

Tollywood Hero Welcomes Modi's Vote Bank Politics
Tollywood Hero Welcomes Modi’s Vote Bank Politics





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