Top School in Tirupati Gives Great Importance to Sports

Top School in Tirupati and elsewhere in India always believe in the adage – Strong mind in a strong body. Hence, maximum importance is given to encourage sports and games, cultural activities and community activities in Sree Vidyanikethan for a wholesome personality of our students.
Top School focus on fitness
In the pursuit of success in their lives, children not only need academic excellence but also physical fitness. Although academic success is not a little matter, enabling students in sports activities regularly helps their focus on school work too. As we know that a good health leads to happier life, top schools need to focus on fitness.
Fitness leads to Academic Excellence in top schools
The students who take part in extra-curricular activity are observed to show better performance than those who do not exercise regularly. The regular surveys prove that the individuals who are involved in athletic programs maintain a better percentage and higher test scores.
Top School practices Sports and Athletics
Top School gives major importance to Sports. They teach them how to maintain their health by participating in the sports. Taking part in different types of outdoor games, gymnastics, martial arts and athletics at the initial age of life cultivates sound health that carries over into adulthood, keeping away health problems.

Top School aim physical and emotional development
Students who are into sports have great advantages. The habit helps children to improve not only physically but also emotionally. The brain releases a hormone called endorphin when we exercise our body. This means that those students are more active in different perspectives and lead a happier life, without any stress.
Top School increase skills through sports
Top schools are well aware of the fact that the students are capable of gaining a wide variety of skills and capabilities through sports. The soft skills like Leadership skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork, confidence, and self-reliance can be gained easily by sporting people. Time management can also be inculcated through sports.
Top School in Tirupati is Sree Vidyanikethan 
Sree Vidyanikethan is top school in Tirupati that believes “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!” We attach importance to on-field physical activities inclusive of sports like Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Volley ball, Football and many more. Alongside studies, students are given equal opportunity to take part in sports and other cultural activities. Sree Vidyanikethan International School is the top school in Tirupati.


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