Trivikram’s Political Wishes haven’t Gone Well with Them!

Agnyaathavaasi Audio Launch Set 1

‘Agnyaathavaasi’ audio has been launched yesterday amid star glitz and fan fare. The hysteric mania with fans screaming slogans almost blown off the top of the venue. An ardent Pawan Kalyan fan climbed stage and fell on screen god’s feet and later took a selfie with him. This is all once side of a coin. The other side of the coin seems to be different from Trivikram and Pawan kalyan point of view. It is more like a political event rather than an audio launch. There was a scene where Trivikram has indirectly said “I wish fans dream of seeing Pawan kalyan in top chair.” Adding to it, in his speech conclusion he asked fans to drive safe so that not even single vote would drop from the count.” This indirectly means that Trivikram wants Pawan kalyan to become the CM. Adding to its fans have screamed ‘CM’ while Pawan kalyan was giving the speech.

This is for the first time that Trivikram has given a political speech in Audio launch which is not expected by his fans.


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