Vijay Deverakonda auctions his Filmfare award

Vijay Deverakonda
Sensational hero Vijay Deverakonda has sold his first ever Filmfare award for Rs 25 Lakhs to Divi Laboratories. At the launch of his clothing line, Vijay has announced this and handed over his Filmfare trophy to Shakunthala of Divi Labs.
Unveiling his brand, ‘ROWDY WEAR’ Vijay stated that he did not have the fancy wear to appear good before the camera during the events of his films and he has come along way from there. “The tag ‘ROWDY’ had helped me in believe in what I can and with the supporting of my parents, I’m here.”
Vijay further said, ‘ROWDY WEAR’ is his ambitious project and a gift to his 16 year-old self.


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