Virgin girl is like sealed bottle, says Professor

Well, there must be many perverted teachers like Inbaraj from the famous Tamil thriller ‘Ratsasan’ in real life. Here is one such beastly professor who made disgusting comments on womanhood that raked nationwide uproar.

A professor’s comments comparing a virgin girl with sealed bottle draws flak from all corners. Jadavpur University professor Kanak Sarkar’s Facebook post said a virgin girl is like angel to boys.

professor kanak sarkar

He writes that a girl is born sealed until it is opened. Further he says that a girl is like sealed bottle of cold drink and asked whether anyone would buy opened drink bottle from a store. The comments triggered nationwide debate.

Professor had deleted his FB post. Jadavpur University students protested demanding expulsion of the professor as he is influencing young minds with misogynistic thoughts. Kanak Sarkar attributes virginity to values, culture, ethics and hygiene.



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