Young Actress Gang Raped In Hyderabad

In a shocking incident an aspiring actresses had been gang raped in Hyderabad. The incident took place in March and it came to light lately on Wednesday. The actress from Yellareddyguda met Raj Kiran who also works in film industry.
They become friends and started an organization called MANA to help those struggling actors to get film offers and collected membership fees. Junior artistes Sirisha and Hema who are already friends with Raj Kiran also joined them.
One fine day, clashes arouse between them over distribution of money. Annoyed Raj Kiran took her to a lodge with the help of Sirisha and Hema.
As she fell unconscious after having spiked drink given by them, she was raped by Rj Kiran along with his three other friends. They also filmed the scene and threatened her not to complain. Recently, she gained courage and filed a case with police. The culprits are arrested and probe is going on.


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