YSR aide slams Jagan for comments on Pawan

YS Jagan’s personal attack on Pawan Kalyan recieved brickbats from all corners. Interestingly, TDP leaders also stood by Pawan finding fault in what Jagan had said. Former congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar who is known to be YSR’s close aide also condemned Jagan for his objectionable comments. Undavalli said that Jagan should have refrained from making such remarks.
If Pawan did anything wrong then his wives can take legal action according to constitution but others have no right to intervene, said the lawyer turned politician. “Jagan is 100 percent wrong in this case. He shouldn’t make such comments. I haven’t heard of what he said. I only read it in newspapers,” said Undavalli. Leaders should stop making such irresponsible comments be it any party.


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