Amala Akkineni on Agent’s result

Akhil Akkineni’s highly anticipated movie “Agent” was released yesterday, and unfortunately, the response has been quite poor. Both Akhil and director Surendar Reddy are being heavily trolled, even by hardcore Akkineni fans. Akhil had invested more than two years of his time in this project, and he had pinned all his hopes on the movie’s success. In the midst of all the negative feedback, Amala Akkineni, Akhil’s mother, has come out to address the trolls. She acknowledged that the film had some flaws but stated that she thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

“I understand that trolling comes from inner insecurity and a need for achievement. I watched Agent yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the film. Though it had its flaws, if you watch with an open mind you’ll be amazed. I watched it in a power-packed theatre while 50% of the audience among are ladies who are mothers and grandmothers along with their husbands and sons. There were screams when the big action happened. I am sure, his next one will be bigger and better” told the statement of Amala.