Are accident on sets of Vishal’s movies real?

Vishal, a popular actor in the Tamil film industry, has been in the news lately for the accidents that have occurred on the sets of his movies. While accidents on movie sets are not uncommon, some have raised doubts about whether these accidents are real or just publicity stunts.

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Vishal claims that most of his movies are Tamil-Telugu bilinguals, and he produces most of them himself. However, accidents have become a routine occurrence in his movies, with the actor himself being injured on a few occasions.

The accidents have raised questions about the safety measures on the sets of his movies. Some have speculated that these accidents may be a publicity stunt or an attempt to gain sympathy from the public.

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However, close sources have revealed that the accidents on the sets of Vishal’s movies are real and not staged for publicity. Accidents on movie sets are a serious matter, and safety is always a top priority. Despite all the safety measures in place, accidents can still occur.

Vishal takes full control of the production process and likely takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of his crew members. However, accidents can still happen despite all precautions being taken. It is important for everyone involved to be vigilant and take all necessary steps to prevent accidents from occurring.

In conclusion, accidents on movie sets are a serious matter, and it is important to take them seriously. While there may be doubts about the authenticity of some accidents, it is important to remember that safety is always a top priority.