NBK's Stunning Transformation into NTR

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s look as NTR has been unveiled by Rana Daggubati on the eve of Independence Day. Balayya looks strikingly similar to his legendary father in his famous pose. NTR donned saffron robes as he established TDP party with a slogan of ‘Telugu self respect’ that brought him to power in 1984 in just 11 months.
NBK’s amazing transformation into NTR is making fans go crazy. Balayya goes bald for the first time. His conviction to get the look right is commendable. Krish Jagarlamudi seems to be determined to make the biopic to perfection. We have to wait till Sankranthi to witness the epic on big screens.
Balakrishna look as NTR in NTR Biopic


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