Best Meme On Vijay Deverakonda Forbes Tweet

Vijay Deverakonda is in the Forbes celebrities for the second time and the actor has shared what it meant to him. The actor has bagged the 29th spot in Top 30 young celebrity under 30. He bagged this under Entertainment and Music category. Overwhelmed by this the actor remembered his young age experience when his bank account was blocked due to insufficient funds.

“I was 25. Andhra Bank lo 500 Rs. min balance maintain cheyakapothe lock chesinru account. Dad said settle before 30 – That way you can enjoy your success when you are young and parents are healthy. 4 years later – Forbes Celebrity 100, Forbes 30 under 30.”

Celebrating their favourite star achievement here are few memes created by the page admins which are trending on the Internet.




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