TDP’s actress politician fires on Roja

YSRCP leader Roja is known to be firebrand lambasting at TDP leaders. Ruling party leaders have been struggling to counter Roja and her bold comments. TDP spokesperson Yamini Sadineni is a match to Roja upto a level.

But now TDP seems to have found their firebrand lady to give tug of war to Roja. Actress Divya Vani who joined TDP sometime back is actively participating in party activities these days. Divya Vani grabbed attention with her powerpacked speech at DWACRA Pasupu kumkuma meeting. In her latest interview, the Bapu Bomma of 90s slammed Roja saying that she’s an arrogant and inexperienced politician. “Roja is outdated politician. She will be a failure in next elections. It is better she keep her mouth shut,” said she. She made satires at Jagan’s ‘Kodi Kathi drama’ as well.

tdp divya vani slams roja


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