Bigg Boss 2: Will he or she get eliminated?

Bigg Boss 2 is picking up momentum with elimination of contestants and wildcard entries. Tejaswi, Samrat, Tanish, Roll Rida and anchor Deepti are in danger zone as they have been nominated for elimination. Roll Rida has been nominated for first time. He has been entertaining with his rap and won appreciation of Nani. Deepthi, who has been nominated for second time and also not being so active is likely to be shown the exit door. She had escaped elimination last time as Tejaswi used her power of ‘save a contestant card’.

Sri Reddy targets Bigg Boss 2 Contestant

Tejaswi, Samrat and Tanish are three best buddies who are on the verge of elimination. Tejaswi has got some negativity as she acts smart with other contestants, tricky to situations and also tries to influence others in nominations. However, she’s hot favorite with viewers having got huge popularity. Samrat and Tanish too have gained some positivity in recent episodes wiping off their brat image.
Who do you think will get eliminated by Bigg Boss2?


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