Bigg Boss2: Tanish’s tantrums for mates eviction

After the elimination of the eldest contestant in the house, Babu Gogineni, Bigg Boss 2 had a peculiar way of nominating contenders for the 10th week elimination on its 64th episode. Bigg Boss ordered all the housemates to choose a partner of their wish and form pairs excluding Tanish (for being captain) and Amit (for having a protection shield given by Dr. Kamal Hassan). Soon after the formation, it is instructed that every player should state their reasons to put themselves in the safe zone and their partner in nomination zone, listening to which, Tanish and Amit decides whom to save in the pair.
Bigg-Boss-2 tanish
In this nomination series, Tanish played an unbiased role in judging whom to save and whom not to. It has been evident that Kaushal had no fair amity with many of the housemates, including Tanish. It is a surprising, yet justified decision of Tanish to put Kaushal in the safe zone over Geetha.
On the other hand, rumors have been flying around on how close Tanish and Sunaina are to each other. In the decision of Sunaina and Shyamala’s nomination, Tanish voluntarily stepped out of judgment panel to support unbiased nomination. Though Tanish was not satisfied with the decision of Sunaina’s nomination, he stayed away from the panel, respecting the decisions of co-judges.
All these unbiased judgments and matured attitude of Tanish fetched him a huge positive response from the audience. Depending on this type of balanced game, Tanish is most likely to pull off in the house for a long run.


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