Kaushal Oka Vaipu Biggboss House Mates oka Vaipu

Like Mahesh babu song
Nindu chandhurudu oka vaipu chukkalu oka vaipu;
nenu okkadini oka vaipu lokam oka vaipu”
Kaushal is also facing the same situation in Biggboss house. He is one contender in the house who gets all the criticism from the housemates. Now, the wild card entry Pooja also is against him while overplaying task. Kaushal has taken the coins of women’s’ team and Babu Gogineni was biting the ear of Pooja explaining the situation to his advantage.
However, Babu was one of the contenders who said: “we will play with Women team coins and will safeguard our coins”. Memes are going viral over last night task and Kaushal getting huge support from Netizens in spite all the housemates are against Kaushal from the beginning over his behaviour.


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