Director prefers casting cash than casting couch

tharun bhascker dhaassyam
We have been hearing a lot about casting couch these days. From Hollywood, Bollywood to Tollywood, every film industry has witnessed this ugly practice. For a change, this young filmmaker preferred casting cash. If offering a role in exchange of sexual favor is called casting couch, why not taking cash in exchange of a role be called casting cash?
Tharun Bhascker made a splash with debut film Pelli Choopulu that his second film Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi released amid huge buzz. The film hasn’t been received as grandly as was expected. Vishwak Sen, one of the male leads of the film is said to have given Rs 80 lakhs to the director to cast him in his him.
Vishwak Sen made his debut with Vellipomakey that went unnoticed. Well, he only should known if his back door entry into Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi helped him or not.


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