Don't Waste Two Min Rowdies says Vijay Deverakonda

Actor Vijay Devarakonda says he doesn’t want his fans, whom he calls “rowdies”, to waste even two minutes on any unproductive activity.
Asked if he would allow them to troll his colleagues just because they thought he was not being respected enough, Vijay said: “I call them rowdies because I want them to fight their way to what they deserve. The nature of this world is to be privilege-friendly. It’s normal.”
“But doesn’t mean we have to agree with it. So grab opportunities and double the work others do. And breakthrough. I also call them rowdies because I am not comfortable with the word ‘fan’. But trolling is a no-no. I don’t want them to waste even two minutes on any unproductive activity. Just be happy, spread chill and productivity.”
Vijay Deverakonda
On the film front, “Geetha Govindam” is set to release soon.
“It’s been a long journey. This one we shot and worked for it one year. From finding the actress to play Geetha which took us almost six months till finish, it’s been a set full of life that I missed at times, and on others a set that completely drained me. In the end, it has shaped up exactly as it was narrated to me. And it will be one film that’ll lift your spirits up this Independence Day,” he said.
Whom does he empathise with more – Arjun in “Arjun Reddy” or Govind?
“Arjun for me because his life and emotions I relate to more. They reflect more with my life. But for the audience it probably will be Govind, you just can’t help but sympathise with him and his situations. He is a sweet lovable guy. But both share the will and stubbornness to do everything to win the woman they love over. They just have polarly different approaches.”
“Taxiwala” was supposed to be his next release. What prompted the change in schedule?
“Repercussions of having two films that broke stereotypes and set trends. You don’t become a star, you become a slave. Suddenly all the production houses and directors discover you and are all excited and keen to work with you. So you end up working day and night and suddenly three films are ready for release,” he said.
“‘Taxiwaala’ was a personal pet project. I love the film but it missed its release schedule… but ‘GG’ was waiting in line so this happened.”
How does he view the competition in the Telugu industry?
“I am unaware of its existence and intensity or the nature of it. Right now,” he said.


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