Goodachari first weekend collections

Goodachari first weekend collections have been satisfying to the producers and distributors. The spy thriller is going great guns at theaters. Goodachari has set cash registers ringing over the weekend. Goodachari earned 2.31 crore share in Telugu States for first 3 days. Adivi Sesh is both successful as actor and writer. Surprising twists and racy narration made the film a favorite watch. Makers took Telugu films a notch higher. With a limited budget on hand, Goodachari is made into a classy action thriller. Check out Goodachari first weekend collections report.

Area Share
Nizam 78
Ceded 22
Vizag 37
Guntur 20
East 21
West 16
Krishna 29
Nellore 8
Total TS+AP 2.31 Cr


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