IKEA Hyderabad Launched amid Heavy Traffic Jam

IKEA Hyderabad Launched amid Heavy Traffic Jam
International furniture giant IKEA launched its first showroom in India today. The Swedish multinational’s showroom has been inaugurated in Hyderabad. Telangana IT minister KTR launched the showroom located amid software companies at Hitec City. More than 20000 people visited the store and there was commotion in the store.
The surrounding area witnessed heavy traffic jam. On top of it, rain pour further added to the woes.
Of course, its a common scene for regular commuters in Hyderabad but Swedish delegates who attended the event might have surprised to witness the traffic chaos.
The IKEA store which is built in over 13 acres of land. Apart from furniture, the store also has a 1000-seater restaurant which is touted to be IKEA’s largest offering Swedish cuisine and India cuisine.
The restaurant’s menu covers local delicacies like samosas, biryani, dal makhni etc.
IKEA will open its next store in Mumbai hopefuly open by next summer.


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